Message from FADRA President, Phil Riffel

Welcome to the official website for the Florida Auto Dismantlers and Recyclers Association (FADRA). FADRA is closing in on its 50th year as an organization. FADRA was created by a group of recyclers to help individual operators in Florida, protect themselves against restrictive legislation and to work hand in hand with legislators to help write the laws that govern our industry today. FADRA is an affiliate chapter of the national association, “ARA” Automotive Recyclers Association.

FADRA is considered one of the largest state-run organizations in the country and holds an annual training convention where venders and members come together to share ideas and learn new opportunities to help every one of us grow. This convention offers educational opportunities, training and certifications for employees and networking between facility managers, salesman, and owners.

FADRA works with Full Service Automotive Dismantlers and Self-Serve (U-Pull It) operators in the state.

FADRA members are fully licensed and insured.

FADRA members purchase and dismantle thousands of end-of-life vehicles per year.

FADRA members are committed to being good stewards to the environment by committing to clean recycling of all materials from the vehicles they process in their facilities.

FADRA is fortunate to have a lobbyist with our organization that monitors all State and National legislation. In this relationship we work directly with several government agencies to ensure that we have a voice and or a seat at the table when any topic comes up that could affect the nature of our business.  Recently we have worked with the DMV to be able to process our end-of-life vehicle titles. This saves our members and the government agencies, that are overwhelmed with the ability to junk these end-of-life vehicles online.

FADRA members are kept up to date by our Quarterly Newsletter. This Newsletter has articles from other industry leading consultants around the country that offer timely articles relevant to today’s market trends and business-related topics.

As your President, I want to ensure that everyone has a voice in our association. Each facility can be part of our conversations at board meetings or individual conversations with our team. I will work to continue to grow our membership around the state, because our greatest strength is our number of members working together toward the same goal. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to me at: [email protected].

 FADRA 2024
Convention and Trade Show
July 18-21, 2024
        Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort
         Orlando, FL 

FADRA is going to a new location and adding some new wrinkles to the program in 2024. We will meet at the Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort in Orlando, a full-service resort where we will have run of the house. Meeting rooms are in towers that surround the expansive and renovated pool/lounge area, while our exhibit hall and meeting rooms are located in a self-contained building right near by. The exhibit hall will accommodate 40 booths this year. The Convention Committee is still finalizing the speakers, but thus far Neil Harrow of Green Star Auto Recyclers will serve as this year's keynote speaker, sharing his insights over more than 30 years in the industry. We will also feature environmental consultant Sue Schauls of the Iowa Auto Recyclers Association, Jarret Hann of Team PRP and Bo Wroten of Recyclers Cross Dock to discuss building business networks and shipping practices, Roger Schroder of to discuss parts grading, Miranda Wroten of AESOP Auto Parts to discuss work flows and safety, and much more.

The opening event on Thursday evening will be a yard tour, barbecue, and activities hosted by Green Star Auto Recyclers in Orlando. Attendees will get to explore on of the state's most innovative yards while enjoying social festivities. Included will be competitive bidding in a new fund-raising game this year, a large box of catalytic converters donated by FADRA yards throughout the fist half of 2024. Everyone who donates gets a ticket per cat for a special drawing for cash and prizes and cat companies will present sealed bids to take home the lot. At the closing banquet, an Intergalactic Gala, we have added a "Last Member Standing," where each attendee will be asked to commit a donation to FADRA, starting low and then moving higher to see who is willing to give the biggest donation. 

This year's convention will be another mind-expanding event. Make sure to register early for a booth or as an attendee in 2024 so you can see what the excitement is all about.